Raman Volkau
Product Manager – Schibsted
I still don't know how to succeed 100%. But I know what you mustn't do if you're launching a new product / building a startup.

Let's discuss how to ship anything with a minimal budget or how to use angels' money in a more productive manner!

I moved to Poland from Belarus (thru KZ -> GE -> PL). In 2.5 months I found a new job with x2.5 salary. Can give u some tips on what to do if u're not a Senior and work is needed asap.
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Currently working as a Product manager in a huge pan-Nordic holding with more than 90 brands in media, e-commerce, and fintech. My key areas are User Identity, Trust and Payments: verification & KYC, antifraud and risk-based authentication, and financial activity.

I've been a founding member of some fintech & crypto startups, like neobank ZELF and defi analytics platform - defi.watch. My main focus there was growth, gamification and monetization.

We had raised +$3MLN, acquired more than 2MLN customers from the US, EU, and APAC, and made REAL money in the young fintech!
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